Keyword search

To search by keywords, type one or more words in the search field. You can use the operators AND, OR, NOT.
The operator selected by default is AND.
It is therefore not necessary to write it down.

Example :
'dog cats' is equivalent to 'dog AND cats' and will display all images with the word "dog" and the word "cat" associated.

Feel free to use the operator EXCEPT NOT to refine your search.

Example :
If you type 'dog NOT cats' will remove the images 'cats' in the dog theme.

You can use the OR operator to expand your search.

Example :
'dog OR cats' will display all images with either 'dog OR 'cats, or both.

To search for an expression, it is advisable to use quotation marks.

Example :
- ''Wildlife''
- ''dog cats''

When you are not sure of the spelling of a word, type the beginning of the word followed by *

Example :

- ele* will display images about elephants
- mo* will display both monkey, mouse images.

NOTE : Conjugated verbs will not give you an answer.

Search by number

The images are named: RRRRRRRR_NNNN
- RRR : report number
- NNN : photo number

To search by story number, you can type the reference directly into the search field.

Example :
- 001610_035

You can also enter the full name of the file when downloading.
Example :
- NATURAGENCY_001610_035

Display result

By default, search results are sorted by descending references. the largest numbers corresponding to the most recent images).

Manage baskets

- To put an image in the shopping cart, click the icon .

- If you don't have a basket yet, one is created automatically.

- If you already have one or more selections in the basket, the image will be placed in the selected basket (the basket selection is made on the left of the search page, in the "Baskets" section).

- If you want to create another basket, click on "New basket" in the left column. Give it a name, possibly a comment and validate.

- You can rename your or your basket by clicking on "Rename".

- To remove an image from the shopping cart click on the "🗙" icon under the image.

- To delete the entire basket click on delete.

Order pictures

To order photos click on "Order basket" in "Baskets". Check the desired format and select the use of images from the drop-down list.

To download all the images in your shopping cart, click on "Download Cart", then choose your image format.

The contact sheet contains several low-resolution images on the same page.

The low definition allows you to use the images for screen viewing, powerpoint...
High definition allows very good quality printing up to an A5 format.

Personal selection

If you entrust us with your research, we can send it to you by email, or by using an email link that will allow you to access a contact sheet from which you can download the selected images. This link is only valid for two hours.

In any case, we remain at your disposal to advise you or to carry out your research.